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3D & VFX Artist

I'm a 3D and VFX Artist bringing VFX, 2D and 3D animation to life on video


What I Do

As a versatile generalist, I skillfully navigate through various dimensions of post-production, adeptly handling everything from intricate 2D and 3D animation, immersive visual effects, and compositing.


Who I Am

I am Anto Abishek Iniyan, hailing from the city of Chennai, India. With a diverse skill set as a CG artist and designer, I bring over three years of rich experience, blending creativity and technical expertise across multiple disciplines in computer graphics.


My Work

Here's a peek into my recent actions. I'm prepared for any judgement you might have, so go ahead.

My Creative Skills

With a wide breadth of software experience using Cinema4D, Maya 3D, Fusion, Marvelous Designer, After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Arnold Renderer, Photoshop and many others I’m always trying to learn new skills to enhance my creative toolkit.